Comfortable Navy Leather Runner by IGI & CO

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This comfortable navy leather runner by IGI & Co can be worn daily. The navy leather will look good with everything with subtle white on the sole for a summer style. The genuine leather, flexibility, memory foam and lightweight polyurethane sole make this an incredibly comfortable long-lasting shoe.


Firstly, the shoe crafted in genuine leather of first-grade quality and carefully selected for optimal comfort and hygiene.

Secondly, flexibility is ensured as the upper and sole are highly elastic and joined without the use of glue. So, your feet move in a natural manner leading to less stress on your joints.

Thirdly, the leather memory foam insoles will conform and flex to the natural movements of your feet for immediate comfort and support. It will absorb impact from walking while massaging your foot every step. Support is given to the sole and arch of your foot for comfort all-day. You can also take the anatomic insoles out to insert your own.

Fourthly, the shoe is very lightweight. So your feet will experience maximum comfort, breathability, and support.

Lastly, the bottom of the sole is polyurethane. Polyurethane has higher wear resistance and elasticity, it’s not susceptible to oils, gets dirty less and ages slower. The sole is joined with the upper by use of injection technology without glue so in other words, you get a runner that is lightweight, flexible, long-lasting and highly resistant to blows for a comfortable navy leather runner

Brand  IGI & Co Comfortable IGI & Cos hoes are made in Italy
Upper material Leather Leather moulds for comfort
Lining material Textile
Insole material Leather
Technology Removable Insole The comfortable leather Insole can be removed from the runner
Memory Foam Memory Foam moulds to your foot to be comfortable
Polyurethane Injection Technology Polyurethane Injection Technology joins the leather navy upper and sole to make it comfortable
Lightweight Lightweight sole makes leather runner comfortable
Flexible Flexibility in the leather makes it comfortable




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Leather Shoes
Shoes made from Leather

Care Guide for Nappa, Smooth and Brush Leather

  1. Remove any dirt or mud with a soft shoe brush. Gently rub the brush all over the shoe to remove the dirt. If you rub too hard, it can damage your shoes.
  2. Take the shoelaces out.  Clean the shoelaces with a damp cloth and mild soap (They can also be put in a mesh bag and into the washing machine).
  3. Use a damp cloth to wipe the shoes. Run a cloth under a tap and squeeze out all excess water. Add a small amount (few drops) of mild soap or leather cleaner to the cloth. Rub the cloth GENTLY over the smooth leather parts of your shoes.
  4. Rub the shoes again to remove soap. Wipe the shoes with a clean soap-free cloth to remove anything left behind from the previous time.
  5. Allow the shoes to AIR DRY. Let your shoes dry naturally without any heat from a radiator, heater or hairdryer. Direct heat will cause leather shoes to deform and crack.
  6. Once dry, moisturise your shoes. Water and soap will strip moisture from your shoes which can make them harden and dry. Shoe conditioner or shoe cream will care for your shoes by adding moisturise, making them softer and looking fresh.

PRO TIPS: It is recommended to remove dirt and mud daily with a brush. Baby wipes are ideal at cleaning dirt. Distilled white vinegar will clean salt stains from your shoes.

Leather is breathable and flexible like your skin. Similar to your skin, cold weather and water can cause the leather to dry and harden. Leather shoes need the same care you give your skin to make them last a long time and look good and fresh.

Shoe conditioner is best at moisturising leather to stop your shoes from drying out. So, it will prevent your shoes from getting cracks and will keep the leather flexible for softer shoes you will have for longer.

Shoe cream will moisture your shoes like conditioner, so your shoes will be healthier and softer. It will also add a layer to your shoes which will polish and add colour.

It is very easy for us to get scratches and scuffs on our shoes from something as simple walking. Those marks can be removed with use a wax-based polish. The polish will cover scratches/scuffs and protect the leather. It will also give a high shine finish to your shoes (but will not care/moisturise them).

As leather is a natural material, drying leather shoes unnaturally can be damaging. Always let your shoes dry naturally, so never direct heat (radiator or hairdryer) as it will cause them to shrivel up and lose their flexibility and appearance. Allow them to air dry without any sunlight.

Oil and grease can be the worst things for leather, but talcum powder can help cover it. The talcum powder will help by trying to absorb the oil.

  1. Apply the powder to the shoes. It is best to treat stains as quick as possible, similar to clothing.
  2. Let it do its job for a few hours. An absorbent powder such as talc will absorb the oil or grease from the leather.
  3. Carefully remove the powder with a soft shoe brush. Be sure to rub the brush gently, as to not cause any damage to your shoes.
Suede and Nubuck Shoes
Suede and Nubuck Shoes

Care Guide for nubuck and suede shoes

We recommend to wipe your shoes regularly with a nubuck cloth to remove shiny spots and any light soiling. Wipe in a circular motion to clean all sides.

  1. Take the shoelaces out.  Clean the shoelaces with a damp cloth and mild soap (They can also be put in a mesh bag and into the washing machine).
  2. Brush the surface of your shoes with a nubuck brush, brushing each area for no more than a few seconds. This will remove dirt and grime from your shoes.
  3. Use a nubuck cleaner to clean soiled areas. This comes in aerosol and liquid form. Spray the nubuck cleaner onto a nubuck cloth and wipe the whole surface. Finish by brushing any excess residue.
  4. A Leather degreaser or leather cleaner can be used to loosen any oily stains. These come in aerosol form. Spray it onto a soiled area and let it absorb for an hour. The leather degreaser will turn into a powdery substance. Wipe the powder off your shoes using a sponge and leather cleaner. If the stain remains, repeat the process..
  5. Use an ink lifter for any ink stains. We recommend that you use this within a few hours of the stain occurring. This is a greasy, waxy substance that you can rub onto the affected area of your suede/nubuck shoes. Use a nubuck cloth or leather cleaner to remove any remaining stains.
  6. Allow the shoes to AIR DRY. Let your shoes dry naturally without any heat from a radiator, heater or hairdryer. Direct heat will cause damage to the shoes.

PRO TIP: Vigorously rubbing sandpaper onto your shoes removes any dirt and grime on your nubuck or suede shoes. This is recommended for particularly strong stains.

Protectant sprays will keep your shoes clean from residue caused by the rain and other weather conditions. This comes in aerosol form and acts as a waterproofing substance. Apply the spray all over your shoes to form a light coating. Allow the spray to absorb for 1-2 hours for best effect before wear. You can also apply a second coat overnight. Do not use polish or dubbin on your nubuck or suede shoes. Regularly brush your shoes with a nubuck brush to remove any everyday dirt.

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