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  • Jose Saenz: Synonymous with Tradition, Experience, and Elegance

    Leavys Shoes in Limerick, Ireland, is thrilled to present the exquisite range of Jose Saenz footwear. Dive into a collection that embodies more than 30 years of footwear passion, crafting designs that resonate with strength, confidence, and elegance, just in time for winter.

    A Legacy Born from Dedication and Craftsmanship

    Jose Saenz's journey began in Arnedo, La Rioja, stemming from a lineage of shearers. From his early days at his father Antonio's company to the establishment of his own brand, Jose Saenz, the drive for innovation and perfection never waned. With unwavering support from his family, every shoe is a testament to their collective ambition and dedication.

    Footwear Crafted for Every Occasion

    From daily wear basics to designs for special nights, Jose Saenz offers a versatile range of women's footwear. Whether it's boots for the winter season, elegant ankle boots, or sophisticated moccasins, every piece champions both comfort and style. And for those seeking the perfect ensemble, the brand also boasts a curated collection of women's clothing, harmoniously complementing their footwear designs.

    Growing, Evolving, Innovating

    Jose Saenz's commitment goes beyond craftsmanship. With an expansion strategy rooted in tradition yet aimed at global horizons, the brand now graces more than 40 countries, exporting 85% of its production. Yet, the heart remains in Arnedo, the City of Footwear, showcasing a testament to Jose's dedication to his roots and the community.

    Gearing Up for the Future

    The brand's future gleams with promise as the next generation steps in. With Fran Saenz's expertise in international trade and marketing, along with the skills of younger members JUAN and CARMEN, the brand is poised for both national and international expansion. Yet, at its core, the essence of a family-run business with distinctive character remains, driven by a collective passion for footwear.

    Discover Jose Saenz at Leavys Shoes

    Inviting all women to experience the world of Jose Saenz, where each shoe tells a story of tradition, innovation, and passion. Join us in Limerick, Ireland, for a footwear journey that promises style, comfort, and a touch of Spanish elegance.